Turanj 152, 23207 Turanj, Croatia
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Turanj 386, 23207 Turanj, Croatia
+385 98 979 4250
Working days
15th May - 15th October
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8 AM - 7 PM Every day

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OIB/Tax No.: 03179373573

Ante Skara
BANK: Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
IBAN: HR7724020061140125875

Terms of Use

Rent includes the use of boats, insurance, our berth in Turanj, prescribed equipment, and cleaning the boat after the lease. The rent does not include fuel costs and fees for other ports.
User receives a boat to rent in good condition, fully equipped for sailing, any objections must be entered in the log during handower.
The User acknowledges that possesses the necessary naval and navigational knowledge for handling the hired boat. If the hirerer gives the boat to another person for handling he is still responsible in case of accident.
The User is obliged to return the boat in time, no later than 19:00 HRS, with equipment and full fuel tank. In case of delay user must pay damages lessor for lost time, 50 euro and fuel if fuel tank is not full.
The User is authorized to use a boat in the area up to 3 nautical miles from shore and islands.It is not permitted to leave Croatian territorial waters.
In the event when booked boat (or replacement) can not be delivered to the customer at the agreed time within 24 hours, down payment will be refunded.
In case of any damages on the boat, rental deposit (safety deposit) wil not be refunded(up to 500 EUR).
Damages and cleaning of stains caused with sunscreens will be charged from the deposit.
The User is obligate: not to give a boat in the sublease, not transport the illicit number of persons, not tow other boats (except only in case of danger), on the boat to move in the appropriate shoes or barefoot, to control the amount of oil and the engine indicators while driving.
NOTE! Damage to the engine due to malfunction of the system for cooling and due to the lack of oil in the engine are not insured are at the expense of the User, in case of damage immediately notify the owner.If you fail the above obligation of the lessor has the right to terminate the contract and keep the rent received.
Payment: 30% upon booking, the rest before taking the boat.
In the case when contractor wants break the contract, the contractor is obliged to pay the appropriate portion of rent, up to 30 days before the start of the rental 50%,up to 15 days before 75% of the total amount, less than 15 days before 100% of the total amount.

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